Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Shouto Fujiko's 1000 dives

Today bring to you this photo. Our dearest guest Shouto Fujiko has reached her 1000 dives yesterday. There is a cake presented to her by her friends. Congratulations to Shouto
Fujiko. Keep diving. When is you 2000 dives?

Japanese: Konbanwa....kyou no shashin ha ichi mai dake ne. Shouto Fujiko san no 1000 bon desu. cake ha arimasu yo. Shouto Fujiko san, omedetou gozaimasu. Ganbatte ne. Itsu 2000 bon?

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Anonymous said...

Hello. It is Fujiko Shuto.
I could greet 1,000 commemorative divings in MABUL and was very happy. I made celebration and got it from a lot of staff, a friend and was happy. In addition, I try work hard every day to go for MABUL next year. The all of you are careful about health, and please do work.