Saturday, September 08, 2007

Your Smile Can Change The World!

Ya...How are u guy? Already have your meal? Don't forget to brush your teeth! Otherwise u will get problem with your teeth! Believe it or not? SWV resort dive masters have white teeth compare to other! Don't believe? Just look at the picture below. Our Mr. Alan! Yeah...Clap your hand....! Even he no need to brush his teeth everyday, but still have good and white teeth. Why? Why? Why? Check it out.....

Mr. Alan with his lovely giant frogfish. His pet name Along....hahaha

White Banded Cleaner Shrimp is our dentist. Say hi to our dentist. Make an appointment if u need their service..... Telephone number... +60101007007

Our guest from South Africa Folker Ausdemkhamen also come here for this special treatment. He said he will come back again. He is totally enjoy!

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!........ Do visit us!

1 comment:

Tadashi said...

Is this Allan?
You kidding!
Allan is not that slim!! :-)