Tuesday, September 04, 2007

04 September 07

Weather: Sunny day ( very hot!)
Sea Condition: Calm
Water Temperature:
27-29 Celsius
Dive Guide: Bobby, Richard, Allan, Jimmy, Froilan and Ramil

From what i got, today seem very calm not even sea condition but underwater as well. My friends said today quite boring. But for guest is interesting. Hahahaha....As we have diving here for long time until now, every fish seem very common for us....Hehehe...unless we see big school hammerhead shark, manta ray, treasure shark, whale shark.....! Today don't have new picture. I just put some remain pictures from guest and me also.

How about this photo? Nice view? Of course....the only nice view in Mabul Island what?

Now is a season of Ornate Ghost Pipefish (Solenichthys cyanopterus). Maybe? Now we start to see some of them.

Who say trumpet fish (Aulostomus chinensis) is no special? I say special....U know why? I tell u why! To swim and stand vertically is not easy u know...hahahaha...

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Rita said...

ha...ha...!you and your friend seem feel tired of diving. come on...do you know how do i envy the life that you have? he...he...!i can see the achievement from your diving and protecting ocean.also...don't forget we really enjoy your picture and information!!!ha...!