Friday, August 31, 2007

What We Can See There? Si Amil Island

I am coming back with some photo of Si Amil dive. We don't have many underwater picture to show u. We will work more harder in the future to bring more picture and more fun to u all. Come and join us. Enjoy diving with us!

One of the side view in Si Amil Island. Nice what?

Nap time? Diving can make people tire! Believe it or not? See....this is the prove!

U can see nice coral in Si Amil Island also! Not only in Sipadan Island....Believe me...! For those macro lover, u will feel like dun want to go back.....wanna try?

Wow...!This picture is very nice, right? Even i am quite pity with the fish that been eaten. But what can i do? It is one of the natural food chain. Dive master here also been trained to be fish watching guide. We will do our best for u!

Heron Ardeadoris nudibranch (Ardeadoris egretta)

Giant Frogfish (Antennarius commersonii)

Pygmy Seahorse


Rita said... beautiful!i did not know this island.Is it near mabul island? i just went to mabul island last month. i wish i can go to this island next time.i like to check this blog everyday because i really miss mabul island. if i can, i whish i can stay there.However, i have to finsh my school in Taiwan. So... the only thing that i can do is enjoy the pictures on your blog.Thank you for shareing these pictures.Go!Go!Go!

Anonymous said...

Ex-DM Lee:

Bravo Alex for taking such good pictures!!! Keep taking such great pictures Lex!!