Thursday, September 06, 2007

Shall We Dance?

Hi....Today i am going to show u our dances photo for last night. We are performed some of the dances as a appreciation to our dearest guest for coming and supporting Sipadan Water Village Resort. These dances are maxing of Bajau and Philipine cultural. We also perform some dances for certain function.

Our MC for last night, Miss Belma.

Wow....! This is Hawaii dance....They can also dance this...don't play play....! No need to go Hawaii, just come here...!

Mengalai of the Bajau cultural dance! It is a Bajau wedding ceremony dance.

" I like U" song dance. Performed by bar, front office and mini mart staff.

" Chopeta" song dance......! Have u watch before?

How? did u enjoy the dances?

See.....They are so enjoy! Don't u?

Allan: Don't hold me! Let me die!

Eva: don't be like that! Don't know how to dance is not your fault.....! Even u want to die, just go other place, don't make dirty our restaurant....hahahaha

Jimmy: ya ya...! That right!


F said...

Paradise Log started to be so CHILDISH with all the wordings on the photos that destoy the images!

Anonymous said...

I must agree with that. The Paradise Log is becoming way too childish. Editing pictures of others with meaningless dialogs is fine once in a while but it seems that nearly every post lately is dirtied with lame dialogs.

Apart from that, the Paradise Log recently lack maturity in every latest posts. It is not only boring and not interesting at all, it is plain too short and has meaningless contents. Unlike before where the old posts provides us with good and pleasurable reading and that more effort is put in making sure that typos and grammar mistakes are reduced, the Paradise Log we all see from here now lacks much dedication , effort and brilliance it was had.

Please change to way it was before. Ben.

Anonymous said...

Not wanna give negative comments but the once very interesting and famous Paradise Log is losing standard lah bros. Gotta keep it good like before or better than that. It seems to be losing some spice and fluent flow in the writings ya. I still like the pictures, good job but the posts written should be better kot. Give us more "SHIOK" factor lah ya guys! You can do it better. Have fun! Loves!

ParadiseLoG said...

to Paradise log reader:

thank for your advice
i hope i can improve it.
but to update it everyday is not that easy. For what u have viewed before, the same fish will appear many time. and the same information as well. If everyday guest give me barracuda photo for 10days or 1 month. Then i will put it 1month with the same information. Then u will get boring...hahaha....

no more joke
no more fun
enjoy reading....

have a nice day