Sunday, September 16, 2007

Leopard Shark Mating

Today bring to you these picture. What is this? Leopard shark (Triakis semifasciata)! Yes, i know is Leopard Shark. But, do you know what are they doing? They just playing? Biting for fun? You thought they have many free time for that! No No No totally wrong. They are doing something more meaningful for themselves and for us. For themselves is to increase their population. For us is .......not need to explain.... if they getting more and more, then....what? You can always see them in Sipadan.

This group is very lucky! We are hard to see leopard shark in Sipadan Island. But this group even can see them mating. I never see it. I want to see.

These photos a bit dark because its were taken around 30meter. Thanks Mr. Daniele Etro for sharing his photos with us.

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divelover said...

hope they can increase the population so that divers have the chance to see this awesome shark