Monday, September 03, 2007

Congratulation...Satomi's 50 dives

Weather: Sunny day
Sea Condition: very calm
Water Temperature: 27-28 Celsius (come back to normal)
Dive Guide: Allan, Jimmy, Alexander Ho, Richard, Bobby and Jay

Hi....Before i am going further. We would like to congratulate Shikamura Satomi for reaching her 50 dives. Please keep diving and having fun. Always remember : safety first ! (anzen daiji ne!). information about Sipadan dive. Jimmy's group saw big school of barracuda. Yes...Yes...Yes....Barracudas are coming back. What u waiting for? Come back and dive with us...hahaha...! Jay and Jimmy went for early morning dive. Like usual, we saw big school of Bumphead Parrotfish, jack fish, batfish and also very big Grey Reef Shark! Scary...!
Bobby's group want to Si Amil Island. I will try to update the photo for u all.

Satomi, omedeto gozaimasu! Daibing ha ganbatte ne. (Congratulation, Satomi. Do your best in diving)

So sad.....sad...sad....! I don't want to say anything! This guy is totally memory lost. Help him! he he!

Giant Travelly always in between school of jack fish. But now they going out....for a while...! So hot inside! No air conditioner supply some more hahaha!

Giant jawfish.... How giant? Just come here to check....hehehe

Metalic Shrimp of the Japanese favorite gobies.

Hei....Don't fishing here! We are trying to protect the reefs and fish here. If u want to fishing, just go more further up from here...!

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