Sunday, September 02, 2007

02 September 2007

Weather: Sunny + rainy (Sun bad mood today)
Sea Condition: Quite calm
Water Temperature: 26-28 celsius
Dive Guide: Allan, Richard, Bobby, Jay and Ramil

This few day quite calm. Barracudas seem like on leave. But, according to Allan, they saw school of barracuda at Coral Garden. They are back! Yeah...Yeah...! I love u barracuda...! They saw Hammerhead shark also. Jay's group faced very strong down current. Waw...crazy man! Make u nightmare. So, please always follow your guide no matter where u dive? no matter how good u are? Local dive guide know better than u! Today pictures are......

Sipadan map at dive center SWV resort. Don't forget to log your dive. Don't like that! Don't get lazy!

Mabul Map....!

1 hour stop at the beach, Sipadan Island. Let's drink.

so tire after traveled very long distance. Sleep first...!

Waw.. Alarm clock is ringing. Time to go....

Common octopus.....! I'm hiding. U didn't see me!

Netted Ceratosoma (Ceratosoma sp)


Rita said...

ha...ha...! I wish I can go diving with you.There are many cute fishes. Is work busy on sunday?Hi...don't be lazy!Because...I really like to see pictures on your blog.ha...ha!加油!!!!(it's Chinese)

anchana said...

Wow!!!!!! you saw hammerhead shark!!!!

Tadashi Otsuka said...

I googled "加油","jiā yóu".
Hang On!

We learned a lot from the Paradise *Log!