Saturday, September 22, 2007

Do You Know Pikachu?

The Crocodile fish, Cymbacephalus beauforti (Knapp, 1973), aka Crocodilefish, De Beaufort's flathead ... is a mottled brownish gray species of flatfish with fluorescent green markings criss-crossing its body. It often camouflages itself on sheltered or semi-exposed reefs. It may reach 50 centimeters in length and has 9 or 10 dorsal spines, 11 dorsal soft rays, no anal spines, 11 anal soft rays, and large pelvic fins. Juveniles are entirely black, though as they age they gradually take on the blotched pattern of the adult. The rear edge of the maxilla ends well in front of eye, and near the eye there is a prominent pit, a smooth infraorbital ridge, and a smooth suborbital ridge bearing 2 spines. The interopercular flap is usually broader than long, with several subdivisions. The eyes of the Crocodilefish have frilly iris lappets, which help break up the black pupil of the fish, and thus improve its camouflage.

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Thecacera sp or we normally called it Pikachu. One of the special nudibranch in Mabul and Kapalai. Sometime also can find it in Sipadan. But, to find them in this post is not that easy. You know what they doing? Meeting? No... Mating. Hahahaha...

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Ninamaro said...

O ...nice photos...i miss pikaciu so much and also miss Toyoko san so much! Sorry to TOYOKO san that the nudibranch book cant found.