Thursday, September 20, 2007

I Am Back!

Finally Jay is coming back. Today i am bringing u with these a few stuffs. Hope u enjoy its. Maybe in the future Jay cannot update the blog everyday. Because the internet line here have problem and Jay's time getting less and less.

Snakey Bornella (Bornella anguilla)

Correct me if i am wrong. I found there are few type (almost the same like this) share the same name. And according to Mr. Hirotaka Takagi, he asked somebody who expert in nudibranches. They still dun have the specific name for this nudibranch.

We are not sure with this nudibranch as well. We couldn't find the name in the book. Maybe you can help us. U can share your information to us if u have the updated book. We found in one book, its look almost the same. The name is Gymnodoris citrina. Correct me if i am wrong.

Phyllodesmium briareum

Gorgonian Horned Shrimp ( Periclemenes sp).

This amazingly camouflaged shrimp was observed in several occasions at Sipadan in the Sulawesi, always perfectly mimicking the gorgonians on which it is exclusively found. ( This paragraph was taken from – A diver’s guide to Underwater Malaysia: Macrolife written by Andrea and Antonella Ferrari)

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