Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Winner Pictures of Photo Festa 2009!!!

Best of Show picture taken by Chris!!

1st place picture taken by Chris!!

2nd place picture taken by Adrienne

3rd place picture taken by Eugene!!
Congratulation to all Winner of the Photo Festa 2009!!
Big Thanks to Pro Ivan Choong for share his experience conduct photo courses and with his help bring in 3 Olympus digital cameras for anyone to try out!! THANK YOU!!
In the end those cameras are been sold out!!
Thank you to Olympus, SIN for the support!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Chris :-) Is he the camera guy from scubazoo? The 1st place picture is look like him :-P Anyway I also like the best of show picture. I think i couldn't see it more beautiful than seeing through Chris's lens.^O^ scully_x_98@hotmail.com

ParadiseLoG said...

Sorry! Not the Scubazoo Chris.. if you want to view this Chris just go down to Photo Fest 2009 on 5th Mar o9......"!"