Sunday, March 01, 2009

New TOYs in SWV!!!

We have new All body transparent two passenger KAYAK!!
Yesterday we try it out at PARADISE REEFS!!

Was clear to see below reefs thought from the KAYAK!!

Chris from Scubazoo filming Bobby & Niger on the KAYAK!!

Ron & Abigail were act as a couple while been filming!!

This the way of paddle show by them and was so easy!!

Jimmy & Allan took about 20min paddled to & fro Seaventure Resort!

Allan try standing to check the balance and of course their weigh in it!! This kayak cannot be roll over and cannot allow many water to get in it!! It hard to get in it once in the water!! It will not sink but float!! Only can use in calm sea condition and wear floatation device!! Well! We haven't fully install all it accessories yet!! Will try next when completed!!

Look at Allan how HAPPY he was!!

What a DAY after the rain and SUN and now the SUNSET?!


Anonymous said...

That is soooo cool!

Missing you guys so much. Hopefully can visit again end of the year. :) said...

Hi Asther! We miss you here too!! Yeah! come and free ride on the kayak!