Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Richard's Thecacera!!
This species of Thecacera Nudibranchs was discovered by Dive Guide Richard and its was named after him by Neville Coleman!!
Rica's Polycera!!
This species of Polycera Nudibranch discovered by Dive Guide Rika san and it was named after her by Neville Coleman!!

This new species discovered by Richrad and Neville Coleman name it "Blue Trapania"!!
Ahh!! BLUE???

This species 5mm pink Nudibranch was found by Alex on Sea Cucumber but cannot take very close up to it!!

To identify was nudibranch and no choice to turn it over (SORRY!) but it soon self flick back to position!!

This picture was looking down to it's anal tube!!
What species?! It look like in the family of Pleurobranchaea!! Will send to Neville Coleman for identify!!

This 2mm species nudibranch was found by Alex and the only picture he have before the camera battery go off and other was out focus!! Cannot view very clear but it has very long oral tentacle that believe under family of Cerberilla that live in sand!! "Is OK!!" said Alex "Will find it again next!!"


Anonymous said...

Oh Boy! I can't wait to get back to SWV & find those little critters!

ParadiseLoG said...

Come lah!! We guide you to those sites where you can find those critters or we find for you together......

Janet said...

Hurrah, Richard & Rika!
It's always great to see you find new critters for us!
Best to all of you,
Janet @ Dive Travel Services

ParadiseLoG said...

Thank you Janet!! That's our jobs!! Hope can show you more next... Best to you too!!