Saturday, March 14, 2009

Barry Peter's Images!!!

Lisa & Barry Peter from New York, USA!!
Below are the best images from Mr Barry to share in this blog!!
Thank you & We miss you both!!
Sea-whip Goby with eggs!!

3 Painted Thecacera Nudibranchs!!

Peacock Razorfish - JP variation

Blue Ringed Octopus!!

Black-rayed Shrimp-goby!!


Rogen the DM?? Jabar the pilot??
Thanks again Lisa & Barry!!
Have a safety flight back HOME!!
Take care & see you again!!


BP said...

we are home safe and realizing we had the vacation of our 50+ year lives. with 1000 dives over 20 years in every ocean in the world, the diving, accomodations and staff of SWV are unsurpassed. thanks to Froi, Richard, Abbie, Nigel, Sandra, Jimmie and everone else who I forgot. WE really hope to keep in touch and make it back sometime soon.

more photos at and we're available by email at Alex, thanks you as well and please share with staff!!

ParadiseLoG said...

Glad to hear from both of you safety reach the cold city HOME...hehehehe....
YES! Keep in touch & always welcome back the 2nd HOME here!!