Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dive Center under repair!!!

This 4 ladies just completed the PADI Discover Scuba Diving conducted by Rika san & Assistant by Niger!!
Congratulation! Please do take up the Open Water course and be listed in the PADI Member as Open Water Diver!!

Rika san teaching small kid, Diana Dee PADI Junior Open Water!!

Lots of old woods taken out & replace new!!

Boatman also help to paint the whole Dive center!!

Hope to finish all work within this week!!

Dive Guides also help for fast progress the works!!
We apologized for the inconvenience of the under repair had caused!!


Anonymous said...

Oh...oh..my group & I used to jump for photo-taking around that area. Hope that didn't cause the repair:-P

ParadiseLoG said...

hehehehe....now this area become hot place for jumping.....and we to ensure this place safe & replace its...next you can come to jump more higher....hehehehehe.....