Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bajau Sea Gypsy Traditional Wedding!!

This noon come a Bajau boat peoples for wedding ceremony held in Mabul Island!!

It was rain in afternoon and because of Low tide the said boat wait till water coming high enough to went in Mabul Island!!

This wooden motor boat is bring in the Bride!!
Where in city we used of car, jeep, bus, truck, bicycle and even horses or cows!!
The beauty of this where everyone escorted need dance all the way to reach the Bride groom place!!

Those women , ladys and child perform their culture Bajau dance while escort the bride!!
Look how happy they are dance in the rain!!
Good rain is the good day for Boat peoples where they need fresh water from the sky!!

This is footage of Bajau Sea Gypsy wedding escort party using the wooden motor boat!!

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mark lawrence said...

That’s just a superb post! I really love traditional weddings a lot. They represent our culture. I also got married recently at Los Angeles wedding venues and had a small traditional ceremony. There was so much fun on our big day.