Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fancy Dress Dive!!!

Hey! Is Golden man or woman?!
Recently meet group of fancy dress divers at House reef!! a bird...No is a duck...No! Is Swan!!

Are those colour hair still this year fashion??

YES! Flying Golden Man!!

Ops! Chicken Head!!

It is a Swan!!

Helloooo Yellow Head!! What are you taking??

Hi!! Look here....1 2 3 click SMILE!!

See how fun they are?!!
Believe me their buoyancy skill are superb!!


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Is gear rent cost including this kind of costume & assessories? Anyway, who's the one with Orange wig with yellow board? One of the dive guide, yeah? Scully :-)

ParadiseLoG said...

hahahahaha.....!! Sorry!! Non Dive guide was there!! *L*