Sunday, March 22, 2009

Are we busy last & this weekend?!!

Sorry! Last week was bit of busy in Dive Center & the internet connection wasn't that good!! Here shown the guest coming and welcome by our friendly smiling staffs!!

Dive center was under repair construction to move out old woods, paint the wall & change the water-pipe!!
SORRY for the inconvenience caused!!

We had taken out the Scubazoo counter for more ample space of sitting!! Don't worry! SCUBAZOO still here with us!!

Alex's God parents and sister Caroline & her husby VK. Liew has recently visit here in Mabul!!
Guided walk round the Island & view local life style!!

We had the early morning depart dive at Sipadan!!

After the early morning Sipadan dive will back to Dive Center for Breakfast!!

Look at this young Japanese ladies so happy after the early morning dive!! After breakfast can back to sleep or continue for self dive at House Reefs!!

We also had local divers from Tawau to visit!!

Non-divers join our boat snorkelling trip!!

After back from snorkelling have a Tea-break!!

After Tea-break try out our newly transparent kayak!!

It can see through from the kayak to view the beauty below the seawater!!

It's a 2 person seated & our staffs can help paddle to show around the beauty of Underwater World!!

Our staffs help to get in & out from the transparent Kayak!!

Look who was here this weekend?!!
She here diving together with her Japanese friends visited in SWV!!
Ops! Now come to departure after staying with us!!
Here our staffs waving goodbye & saying "See You Again!!"

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