Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Get Close up to Marine Life!!

Here the tip for taking underwater marine life behavior is best to watch it 1st before click on the button of camera housing!!
Below some pictures to share with and wasn't a good shoot!!

Tomato Grouper cleaning by Rock Shrimps!!
When lots of shrimps on the grouper's face can easy to take a shot and even can get more closer!!

Young Tomoto Grouper cleaning by Rock Shrimp!!
Those Rock shrimps above under the species of Urocaridella sp.

Male Wolf Cardinalfish hold the fresh eggs masses in it mouth!!

Have to be patience to wait for Male Wolf Cardinalfish open up it lips then take the shoot of egg masses inside it mouth!!

Otherwise all the shot will be look like this photo!!

If be patience enough will get the shot like this face to face!!

Female Black Ornate Ghost Pipefish!!

Spurcheek Cardinalfish clean by White-banded Cleaner Shrimp!!

Male Yelloweyed Cardinalfishes hold on egg masses in their mouths!!

The egg masses inside Male Yelloweyed Cardinalfish's mouth almost close to hatch out!!

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