Sunday, October 05, 2008

Please forgive us for very delay!!

We sorry for very delay to update the paradise log!! We were fine and safety but we been quite busy lately!! Plus now World economy was bad too!! Now getting dive to Sipadan was much difficulty! In a day only allowed 120 persons that share by 12 dive operators. We have to follow the actual amount of diver given on permit to entry Sipadan for 3 dives now. Anyway we have to run the dive tourism business and feed our needs. We trying hard to more promote and research of micro and other marine stuffs else where here. So the other rest like snorkelers and divers that can't go to Sipadan can enjoy snorkel or dive at Mabul, Kapalai or Siamil Island. We now more promote to Siamil and Danawan island. These island still heavy on illegal fish bombing and if we have every day trip over there will stop of this unhealthy fishing activity. Mabul and Kapalai long before no resort facility was heavy on fish bomb. After we set up primary water village resort and fish bombing stopped. We bring hope and courage to fisherman on village where before they are the Reef keeper of God's well!! Look now Mabul and Kapalai after more than 10 years the marine life back life again. To save the Environments on this blue planet we must keep on the Tourism Business. We are before too much focus on Sipadan and left behind other islands. We here believe each island has it own beauty. We really hope that tourists here to enjoy our friendly peoples hospitality and so so eco-system facility not because of Sipadan. As for Sipadan we hope one day the Government will open their eyes to amend better policy for 12 dive operators business needs. Let's cross our fingers for this day to come but now we have to work hard and done better for peoples living here.........Let us pray!!

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