Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thai Seafrog dive in Siamil!!

Thai Seafrog picnic dive trip to Siamil on 18th Oct!!

Prepare to dive at 3rd Beach Siamil Island guide by Allan and Bobby!!

Tropical Forests and Rocks closeby seaside!! It look like Autumn fall in tropical!!

The rocks undersea growth many species of Hard and Soft Corals!!

Close-up view on Table Coral and Soft Corals that growth on the rock!!

Picnic lunch at Siamil Island!!

BBQ fishes!! Yummy yummy!!

Fresh catch from the sea nearby!! Tuna and Reef fishes!!

After lunch walk to visit Japanese Historical site!!

Sawasdee Krub to members of Thai Seafrog!! Kobkunkrub from SWV for being diving with us!! We hope everyone have great fun here and see you all next!!

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