Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Decompression Illness(DCI)!!!

Semporna Navy Recompression Chamber!!
Note: Be sure have underwater insurance cover before dive!!

This is 10 persons chamber was set in 2005!!

Here we would like to share important news! We had a case of DCI recently happen in our resort. Our heavy repeater Murakami Aiko san, 61 year old come together with husband and daugther for a week diving holidays got the DCI. This resort been operate for 15 years and this was the 4th case of DCI treated inside chamber. She was our resort 1st patient has treatment in this Semporna Navy recompression chamber. Others 3 cases was in before old Borneo Divers' chamber in Sipadan and now no longer been used. On 15th October after the 2 boat dives back from Sipadan she was feeling dizziness and she skip off the afternoon dive. At night still feeling of dizziness and walking was imbalance. Husband and daugther was both medical doctor requested to send her to hospital for check the head. Just worry about the head might got some problem. None of us even them will never thought this was DSI. Because they all have a safe dive and dive profile was safe to maximum 22 meter. She doesn't even feel any joint pain or others just only dizziness!! This was her 3rd day of diving and total up to the incident day was 8 dives (1st day 2 dives, 2nd day 4 dives and 3rd day 2 dives) She tell us that all dives got done safety stop and was also confirm by our dive guide!! For us any after diving related signs and symptoms we have to give her breath 100% O2 and at night arranged boat transport to Semporna Hospital for medical check. Next day morning Semporna Doctor told to send Tawau Hospital for body scan. After scan and checked by TWU Doctor was told to send back Semporna Hospital for recompression chamber. For information that any suspected DCI must report to Semporna Hospital then get Doctor approval letter then send by ambulance to Navys' chamber. On the night 16th OCT at 2300 finally admitted in chamber for 4 hour 45 minute treatment and the next day afternoon at 1500 2nd treatment of 2 hour 45 minute. She after the 1st treatment was much better recovery but Doctor want to better sure has 2nd treatment done too!! After done all treatment she already full recovery but doctor advise not to flight back soon and better after a week because according to record got patient after 48 hours then flying still get back the DCI. Once has chamber treatment can only allowed to dive back again after 3 to 6 months. She follow the Doctor advise cancelled her flight and stay back at resort for another week. We did interview her and what been told was swim a lots underwater back and forward for taking her family pictures. Last she told us will no give up diving because she just love to dive!! This group picture below was taken today and look how healthy and happy she was!! She now more done snorkelling then diving!!

Dive Guides and Aiko san!!

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