Thursday, October 16, 2008

Where is House Reef "PARADISE"??

Paradise 1 is in front of Dive center jetty shown as picture above here!! Not to the Seaventure oil-rig resort!! Just about 50 meter from dock to front and wide about 150 meter coverage!! One of the House Reef that sandy bottom and seagrass beds. Difference marine life can seen here compare to Corals Reefs (can view the video footages on the title of why it's name PARADISE!!). To make this house reef more fun for divers during self dive, artificial reef such as coconut leaves, chopped coconut trunks, used rubber tyres, bottles, broken fishing nets, broken floating buoy and broken cement blocks was created. All material above mention are less in cost and friendly to marine environment!! We had to create more house reef for in case of peak seasons to prevent divers JAM!!

Diver can spend more time just dive below the Jetty and the next sundeck platform!! Just watch the head, don't touch the wood post and please give room for the boats to park!!

Paradise 2 is on left hand side of Dive center!! It's full of coral reefs from above down to sandy bottom. Most Reef fishes can be seen here!! 3 common school fishes such as two spot snapper, goatfish and Barracuda. It's best for night dive too!! But now few resorts jetty was been built and many divers especially in afternoon boat dive!! In the evening at 1700 only our resort guests don self dive but soonest later more others divers will be around..... The Best to dive at early morning 0600 or just morning at 0800!! Self dive at this site just follow left hand side of reefs and keep deep, when coming back to jetty just turn to right hand side and keep on shallow reef. Dive on this site need to plan well and don't swim too fast and far!! Each year in July we had transplant corals here on this site for research study. Please be careful on corals wherever diving!!

Diver has to watch up boat traffic on shallow depth between left side end of Dive Center to the beginning floating buoy shown on picture above. Sound can be clearly listen underwater but don't know where it come from!! If hear engine sound just stay down below because the boat come will fast goes pass....... After sound passed then up to surface!! One of Diver's Rules of Thumb - Always self take care underwater!! To dive under those resort jetty also has to be watch out on illegal fishing activity!! Its out of our control on stubborn people!!

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