Friday, October 10, 2008

Why Check Dive?!!

Just to refresh everyone that if you are new comer or been several years not been here should have to go for check dive or orientation dive. During this dive will check on your weight system, show us how confident on clearing mask and remove & replace regulator. After done the skills the Dive Guide will shown around the House Reef 1 and point out the marine life on this site. During the dive the Guide will check on each underwater skill and no camera allowed for this check dive. However can bring to test on camera or video housing. On this dive we want diver to familiar this site so that you can do self House Reefs dive with buddy after an hour minimum surface interval from boat dive. After the check is easy for boat dive and ready for just in case if any unforeseen thing happen!!

For information that House Reef 1 & 2 is best dive site where diver really can enjoy and practise on camera or video skills. You will really love this site than boat dive because can dive longer, it wasn't deep too, not too much crowd, easy to have your sweet time on taking pictures and can watch behavior of marine life. Just don't think because you pay so much that must boat dive. Money is important not only to you but also everyone around here. As come to enjoyment we don't count the figure. We allow the self House Reefs dive start at 6am end at before 6pm however should check the boat schedule if follow boat dive. Must Entry & Exit from the Dive center jetty and before dive do write down dive plan on white board. Dive center has the right to stop or charge anyone who disobey its rules & regulations.

Please do help take care the House Reefs by not kicking much on sands and corals. Don't disturb or touch any things that you not familiar with. To have a good picture taken please don't kill anything surround you. Help us on the spot with caution to any diver, snorkeler or villager if found doing things wrong. You can make it difference by help protect the sea grass and reefs!!

General Briefing on current situation, dive rules, safety, things that need to be charge and others!!

Please pay attention to Guide for General Briefing!!

Prepare and set up dive equipments before putting on wet suit!!

Even too crowded but still we have space!!

This is Rika Hirose san!! She now our new Japanese Dive Instructor and she before has been work with us!! For our repeater viewer on this blog still remember Rika san??

After setting please place own things together and please be sure has space for others to walk pass!!

If ready........time to get around with the main guide for dive briefing.......

Please pay attention on what should do underwater, things of interest, hand signal, the safety and just in case.......

After putting on equipments time to line up for entry!! Remember if got back bone problem do inform us early!!

Don't put on your fins to walk, please do wait for turn and watch out for slippery staircase!!

Watch how our Dive Crews helping for entry!!

Please do not jump!! Just give a big walk!!

Good!! Right hand hold on to the regulator and mask!!

Once entry water clear the area and wait at surface for Dive Guide to signal dive down below together gather!!

Note:Even how experience you are and 1st timer at the resort here just follow the check dive and don't argue!! If you are that good then just show us the skills and we will happy to tour you around!! Just look around others why most cannot perform well the skills and yet we were been teach and practise at beginner level for many times......till we master!! Now who shall we blame for?!! The answer is we can't because it already passed and we need to go on with business........That's why CHECK DIVE help us to improve other for better skills!! That's shown how we CARES!!

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