Sunday, October 05, 2008

Siamil coral reefs!!

Siamil Island has it own unique coral reefs. Lots of Hard corals easy to found on shallow here even Soft corals too!! Recently has Crown of Thorns outbreak and we with WWF has clean its all up!! Another treat we recently cover was the dive boat anchor with weight. We here call for all diver and snorkeler if saw please help to tell or stop any dive operators crew else where in the World no to drop anchor on beautiful coral reefs. We also need everyone help if saw any other fins kick on reefs please act underwater or surface to immediate caution not to finished the in water activity then report to Guide. If has camera or video please take or record for evidence. We highly support to teach FOC on Peak Bouyancy Control to these divers!! With your help above will save and protect the Coral reefs!! We thank you from bottom of our heart if you have act it!!

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