Monday, October 13, 2008

Why it's name PARADISE??

Good question!! Well!! It was 14 years ago when we give the House Reef name!! It really given us hard time to name this site we could easily name SWV House Reef, Green grass home, Seagrass garden, even Golf course!! Sandy floor or ground, Check dive point, Corals garden and blah blah blah!! Why not use under the name of fish??!! We have at that time full of marine life!! Anemone point, Pipefish garden, Lion Point, Eel Kingdom, Sweetlips, Frog Fish, Mandarin, Cardinal point and even best was Cleaning Station!! All the name mention above BUT in the end we come out with the name of "PARADISE"!! To find out why PARADISE was name!! Here below was the 10 video clips that all taken recently on PARADISE 1. This videos show was now after 14 years but how's about before 14 years and in between?? Hope you can find the answer after watch its!! Enjoy it!!

This 1st footage about school of Bigeye Scad schooling near under the Dive center jetty!!

2nd footage about more lifes under the dock!!

3rd footage about feeding ground on seagrass beds!!

4th about Blue spotted Stingray feeding!!

5th is Barra Alex Jr. cleaning by cleaner fish Bowie!!

6th is Tom Grouper cleaning by cleaner shrimps!!

7th Watch carefully the Dascyllus's KISS!!

8th Watch crossly to Yellowmargin Moray!!

9th Watch how's the Common Seahorse feeding!!

10th Free swimming with squid!!

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