Friday, August 01, 2008

Thanks for a great Mabul Marine Week

This year's event was a great success! Everyone involved should feel proud. 'Thank you' to all the guests for participating in our activities, to our invited speakers (especially Richard) and of course the SWV Dive Team. Our MMW Chairman 'Bobby' has made a huge effort and we hope to re-elect him for next year. 


Anonymous said...

Hey guys!!! Heard this year's MMW was a great success!! Well done everyone! A pat on the back for Bobby for successfully getting everything and everyone together in our efforts to preserve our natural resources and to increase our environmental awareness! (Bob must be flying high on cloud now....). Well done once again!

ex-DM Lee

Tadashi Otsuka said...

Bobby! Gooooood Job!
See you next week!!!

Anonymous said...

Tadashi-san!! Next week going to Mabul!!!?? SO nice!! I miss Mabul so much!! Counting the days till Dec for ex-DMs Reunion Trip!!

ex-DM Lee

Anonymous said...

Bobby done a very good job...of coz the team supporting him (All the hardworking DM)! well done!
Anyway...i still like the creative and inovative ideal of Alex about the opening ceremony of MMD. I would like to see if that will become real!! Mayb for the coming year of MMD! HAHAHAHA! :D