Thursday, October 16, 2008

Is PARADISE 2 better dive than ONE??!!

Tough question!! by case!! Paradise 2 is reefs slope down to sandy bottom to greater depth 13 or 15 meter. Lot's lifes can easy to observe here!! For easy to encounter marine life's behaviour that need to gentle and pace yourself. Don't take picture 1st just watch around then to decide where make the angle. You will be surprise that how closer to get with its!! Unless come face with Manta, Eagle Ray or Whale Shark!! But again don't chase because it swim faster and can away in second!! To Dive at this site any certify level can do but for PARADISE ONE really need good navigation skill!! Here below the 12 video footages recently taken on Paradise 2!! Since has watched the footage of PARADISE ONE then after the below videos can compare which was the BEST to DIVE!! Enjoy it!!

1) Paradise 2 Reefs - Blue Corals found here and it look alike Grand Canyon!! School of Dusky Sweeper like to hang around here!!

2) Paradise 2 has its own species of Coral Reefs!!

3) This is Cabbage Corals with school of Anthias living together!!

4) Schooling of Two Spot Snapper!!

5) Schooling of Yellowstripe Goatfish!!

6) Small bury big?!! Watch Pale-Tail Chromis attack on Squaretail Coral Grouper!!

7) Gold Specs Jawfish making big its burrow to welcome female!!

8) Longfin Spadefish cleaning by Bluestreak Cleaner Wrasse!!

9) Schooling of Brass Striped Barracuda!!

10) Flathaed yawning and after it's buried under sand!!

11) What's a Healthy Reefs Life!!

12) School of Moorish Idol feeding!!

Tips for Diver:-To take picture or filming video really need patient, observe 1st, stay still or don't move, give a distance less then 2 meter, blow small bubbles, facing againt current and if possible be alone with subject (Don't too much crowd!! Your buddy will choose other subject nearby)!! When the behaviour starts then move slowly to get closer and closer!!

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