Wednesday, September 27, 2006

25th September 2006

weather: heavy rain in the morning, cloudy the rest of the day
sea condition: rough sea vis: 10 m

Guides: Lee, Bobby, Ron, Diana, Allan

It was raining very heavily this morning, fortunately we were still able to make it to go Sipadan for diving. The heavy rain made the water murky and the absence of sun made it dark in the water but luckily it was not too bad. We were still be able to normally with school of barracudas, jacks, white tips, giant trevallies and turtles.

Macro were very good today, the most interesting will be the baby painted frogfish (picture shown below) which the actual size is less than 5 cm from head to tail. Other than that we also saw a pair of flying gurnards, lots of nudibranch, gobies, ribbon eels, giant mantis shrimp etc.

Pictures for today are shown below, all taken by Sherwood Smith. Thanks !


"She's my girl!! Don't come any closer!!" Baby painted frogfish 'Monday morning blues' "What?? Is it Christmas already??"

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Asther said...

Aaahhhh! Painted frogfish again but I didn't get to see it!