Saturday, September 16, 2006

15th September 2006

weather: sunny
sea condition: calm and flat vis: 15m

guides: Jimmy, Allan, Ron, Jay

Great day of diving at Sipadan for Allan's group today. They saw two schools of barracudas coming from two sides before joining in to become a big school, and best yet, the barracudas put up a great "tornado" performance for them! That's not all, this same group saw 2 leopard sharks during the dive as a bonus to the barracudas! Bumphead parrotfish were also seen today but they were at too shallow water, it was impossible for them to dive there.

Macros for the last two days include black sail fin goby, ray shrimp goby, black ray shrimp goby, nudibranch, leaf fish, leaf wrasse, little filefish, ribbon eels, giant mantis shrimp and robust ghostpipefish. Sorry guys, no fish photos to be posted today. Instead, we will post a picture sent to us by Alessandro Bartoli and Moulik Renatta from Italy. For your information, they were here during the Italian summer season for their honeymoon vacation. The dive team here misses them as much as they misses us. Keep in touch with the dive team ok?

From left to right first row: Nina, Ron, Renatta, Bobby, Allan

From left to right second row: Lee, Alessandro, Sophia, Jimmy, Sam Scubazoo

Ron, Sophia, Carlo, Virna and Renatta (sitting on table)

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