Tuesday, September 19, 2006

18th September 2006

Weather: Raining in the morning, sunny rest of the day
Sea condition: Choppy sea Vis: 10 m

Guides: Lee, Jimmy, Sophia, Ron, Bobby, Nina

The Japan summer holiday season is finally here! SWV is merrier now with many Nihon-jin (Japanese) arriving to the resort today. All divemasters here will have a busy week ahead, ganbate neh (do your best)!!

Sipadan is busy as well today, after a few days of "rest". Barracudas were there the whole morning during both dives as well as the jackfish. Leopard shark was seen by Jimmy's group this morning as well.

For macro today we frogfish, sail fin goby, purple fire goby, long nose hawkfish, pygmy seahorse, lots of nudibranch, robust ghostpipefish, shrimps and crabs and others as well.

The dive center team is very proud to have a very great photographer here to do some photography shooting with us here, Mr. Minakuchi Hiroya. And we are very gladful to him to be so generous to let us use 2 of his pictures to be posted on Paradise Log for all of us to share his works. Thank you very much Hiroya-san!! The picture of the cute giant grouper was taken by Koike Tomoko and the picture of the 4 white-tip sharks was taken by Igari Tadanori. Enjoy!

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