Wednesday, October 04, 2006

04 Oct 2005

weather: short rain in the morning, cloudy the rest of the day (hazy)
sea condition: flat in the morning, choppy in the afternoon,
vis: 10m

Guides: Bobby. Nina, Lee, Allan, Jimmy, Ron

The island were hit by haze for the last 2 days. So the weather here has been cloudy whole day since then. Hopefully the rain last nite will continue again for tomorrow so that the haze will be cleared, and we will have the sun again! Every year Malaysia will be hit by haze from the burning of used crop land from neighboring country. Lately it seems that negotiations has been done to stop the practice, hopefully it will produce some results. Let's just keep our fingers crossed....

The diving was good this morning, we've got dogtooth tuna, big grey reef shark, lots of white tip sharks, leopard shark, turtles, jack fish and barracudas.

As for macro, there were lots of nudibranch, lots of gobies, shrimps, as well as pygymy seahorse, giant frogfish and leaf fish.

Sorry guys, no pictures for today xP

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