Saturday, September 09, 2006

8th September 2006

weather: sunny (very hot!)
sea condition: calm and flat vis: 15 m

Guides: Sophia, Jay, Ron

Well, some of you may wonder where has all the other divemasters gone.......well, they are still here, just that they were not guiding today. We are slowing down now before the next Japanese season starts. Allan, Jimmy, Nina were on research / photography dives today while Lee is on standby and Diana is the lucky one who get to hae a rest day (Bobby is still sleeping at home while I'm writing this).

The dives in Sipadan today was absolutely fantastic!The barracudas were there, giving the divers their famous "tornado" performance then another "wall" performance. Other than that, bumpheads/buffalos were there as well for the party. Sharks and turtles were, well, still and always will be there! Today's wall was brilliant because of the bright sun. Jay's group saw a leopard shark during one of their wall dive.

Below are 2 pictures from Miyazaki Cizuko. The longnose hawkfish (kuda gongbeh) was very beautiful, we like that shot so much. And the pretty lady with the tornado of barracuda is Miss Miyazaki Chizuko herself.

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