Tuesday, September 19, 2006

19th September 2006

tWeather: Raining in the morning, cloudy the rest of the day
Sea condition: Choppy in the morning Vis: 10 m

Guides: Ron, Jimmy, Sophia, Nina, Lee, Bobby

Big rain early morning today!! Luckily it stopped before the dives. But in the water it was as great as usual especially in Sipadan. We have school of bumpheads, school of jacks and school of barracudas all in one dive! Other than that, we also have napoleon wrasse, school of midnight, school of batfish, grey reef sharks, white tips and turtles.

Macros today has been interesting as well. We got long tail robust ghost pipefish (picture below), yellow shrimp goby, peacock mantis shrimp, giant frogfish, clown frogfish, lots of nudibranch, baby filefish, boxfish. We have a group of divers who went to mangrove for diving today, for some people the diving condition in mangrove are just too not ideal for diving but still if we look close enough, mangroves still is an interesting place to dive. There's some marine life that you don't normally see on normal reef area!

Below are some pictures for today, a very beautiful long tail robust ghost pipefish taken in mabul, an above water view of mangrove and a yellow shrimp goby (colour variation) taken in mangrove by Y. Keiko. Enjoy!!
Long tail robust ghost pipefish

Above water view of mangroveA pair of yellow shrimp goby (colour variation)

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