Wednesday, September 06, 2006

6th September 2006

weather: sunny
sea condition: calm and flat vis: 15m

guides: Sophia, Nina, Lee, Jimmy

Its full moon time again!! And that always means lots of actions!! Sipadan this morning was definitely full of action, with about 5 grey reefs and 8 shite tips at one point (10 m only) hunting some jack fish. 2 groups of divers was just hovering there with awe and turning heads and of course, non-stop clicking of cameras. And again a few sharks were swimming with a school of barracudas. No leopard sharks today, but we still got an eagle ray and turtles mating. Seems like everyone from sharks to rays to turtles have been kept busy this morning.

Macro today has been interesting as well. Jay found a black juvenile painted frogfish (photo will be uploaded soon, be patience guys). Below are some pictures taken by Pierre Niehaus and 2 more pictures from Jaime Wallace, just cant resist putting more of her pictures in our blog. Well done Jamie with your new camera!!!


Elaine Strachan with school of jack fish A pair of bubble coral shrimps Very cleverly camouflaged scorpion fish in soft corals

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