Monday, September 11, 2006

11th Sept 2006

weather: sunny all day
sea condition: calm and flat vis: 10 m

Guides: Ron, Diana, Sophia

Today's Sipadan has quiet down a bit compared to the last 5/6 days. There were no barracudas seen today. But other fish such as jacks, giant trevallies, wahoos, white tip sharks, turtles, napoleon wrasse and not forgetting the schools of fusiliers, snappers and others.

For macro today, Diana's group saw a yawning frogfish this afternoon. Below is the picture captured by Richard McMillan just right at the moment when the frogfish was yawning. They are so cute when they yawn...but the truth is, they are not yawning actually, they are actually displaying. Fishes will make displays when they are threaten or when they want to attract the opposite sex fish to mate with them. Example of displaying fish for mating include napoleon wrasse, bumphead parrotfish, mandarin fish and surgeon fish.

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