Thursday, September 07, 2006

7th Sept 2006

weather: sunny whole day
sea condition: calm and flat vis: 10 - 15 m

guides: Diana, Nina, Jimmy, Allan

Sipadan today was as busy as yesterday with lots of barracudas, jacks, grey reefs, leopard sharks, white tips and also bumphead parrotfish (a.k.a. buffalo fish). The visibility was not as good as few days ago but the dives are still as good with all the actions around. Other than the usual big fish around Sipadan, some macro stuff were still seen in Sipadan today like leaf fish, anemone fish, porcelain crabs and nudibranch.

Well guys, we realised today that we seldom post pictures of our divers here. So today we gonna post some pictures of divers with divemasters here. These pictures were taken on Sipadan Island during our surface interval on the island. Enjoy!!

"We LOVE Sipadan!!!!

The Castaways ("West Siders"):Don, Janette, Nina,

Mark, Madeleine, John, Elaine, Pierre, Eva

The Castaways (The" East Siders"): Takahiro, Misako, Isao, Kumi, Nina, Fukushima, Keizo, Rachel, Algean, Lee

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