Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Photo Week 2006 Update - Arrivals and Opening

Photo Week 2006 Banner

The official opening ceremony for the Photo Week 2006 was on the 22nd Oct. On this day, all participants have arrived to SWV and done their check out dive to work out the bugs out of their diving and their gears. By now everybody was very excited with the programmes for the week and meeting new member participants, the pros and of course, the fishes that they can see and photograph around Sipadan, Mabul and Kapalai islands (especially after the divemasters presented some of their pictures of fishes and critters that we see around these 3 islands).

The total participants are 36 with 10 photo pros (Marty Snyderman, Mauricio Handler and Clay Wiseman) and equipment pros (Joe Wysocki and Andrew Wallace) and organisers (Vickie and Michael Coker, Fred and Lisa Dion).

Participants given a dive center general briefing upon arrival

Setting up the cameras .....

After all participants has done the check and orientation dive, they can decide whether they want to go on another shore / self dive in Paradise 1 and Paradise 2 to work out their cameras or they can go on boat dive if they think that their cameras are working well.

Then in the evening, the official welcoming and opening ceremony was held at the new platform in front of the Souvenir Shop. Welcoming speech was given by Resort Manager Alex followed by introduction of each Divemaster and photo presentation by each of the divemasters of the fishes that we see around Sipadan, Mabul and Kapalai. This was followed by a welcoming and orientation briefing by Vickie Coker from Travel Masters, US.

Alex giving a welcoming speech and his pictures presentation Jay giving his presentation

Vickie Coker giving her welcoming speech and orientation briefing

Divemasters chilling out after a busy day......

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