Saturday, October 28, 2006

Photo Week 2006 update - Day 5 (Cultural Show)

The boat dives were as usual for today followed by a critique session with Marty. By today evening, all images are due for submission for judging. All images taken after today are not applicable for competition.

As a token of appreciation for all participants to choose SWV as their venue for this Photo Week, the SWV team has put together a special Cultural Show after dinner.

The first dance was Tong Pa Kitong Kitong performed by boatmen from the divecenter. The dance is a Bajau Dance from Sabah made famous by a Sabahan artist by the name of Den Bisa.

Boatmen performing the Tong Pa Kitong Kitong

The second cultural dance was the Sumazau dance performed by staff from the Reception, Bar, Bellboy, Housekeeping and Restaurant. The dance is originally from Sabah performed after the harvest season (local name Pesta Kaamatan) by the Dusun ethnic and the Kadazan ethnic as a show of gratitude for the harvest that they get for the season.

The Sumazau Dance with the use of the very famous song in Sabah "Jambatan Tamparuli"

The third dance was the Mengalai Dance performed by staff from the Restaurant and the Kitchen. This dance is originally from Phillipines usually performed during wedding ceremonies. This dance is performed only by female dancers.

The Mengalai Dance

The fourth dance was the Pocho-Pocho dance originally from Indonesia but has got its way into popularity into Sabah. This is a more modern dance that is likened by youngsters. The dance was performed by staff by staff from Reception, Store, Gardening, Maintenance, Restaurant, Compressor and Souvenir Shop. After the dance, the guests were invited to learn the dance with the dancers. Everybody is having a good time!!

The Pocho-Pocho Dance

The fifth dance was called Darling Darling Hip Hop performed by staff from Kitchen and Restaurant.

Darling Darling Hip Hop

The sixth performance was from the divemasters. This is not a dance performance but rather a singing performance. The songs that were performed was The Sipadan Song and the secong song was Leaving Mabul Island (improvised from the song Leaving on a jet plane).

Singing performance by the divemasters

The seventh performance was the Indian Dance performed by staff from Kitchen and the Restaurant again. These lots are sure a talented lot huh! This dance is specially performed in conjunction with the recently celebrated Deepavali celebration on the 21st of October.

Indian Dance

The last performance was a singing performance by all staff in conjunction with the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration on the 24th of October. For your information, it is not something surprising for Malaysian to celebrate more than one major festivals together. We have Deepa-Raya where the Hindus celebrate their Deepavali a few days apart from the Muslims celebrating their Hari Raya. And at some years we have Gong Xi - Raya celebration where the Chinese community celebrate the Chinese New Year together with the Hari Raya. When this happens, the children are the happiest because they get to have long holidays!

Hari Raya song

Everybody was having a good time after a week's diving here. Don't believe? Ask Clay, Mauricio, Julia and Andy..............

From left to right: Clay Wiseman, Julia Handler, Mauricio Handler, Andrew Wallace. Pictures taken by Janet Czapski

After the divemasters sang the Sipadan song, a lot of people were asking for the lyrics for the song. So here, as a compliment for everybody who liked that song, we upload the lyrics of the Sipadan song on Paradise Log.

The Sipadan Song (to the tune of Jamaican Farewell)

There’s an island in the Celebes Sea,
The name’s Sipadan you must go and see,
If you’re a diver and you want the best,
Come go along and we’ll do the rest

Well I’m glad to say the Drop Off’s OK,
Barracuda Point is not far away,
Lobster Lairs is also there,
And The Hanging Garden is very rare

Divers down at the water side,
Looking at the drop with gaping eyes,
Wondering what’s there down below,
Is it Nobby Clark or is it Jacques Cousteau?


There’s a turtle skeleton in the Turtle Cave,
You can go to see it if you’re feeling brave,
Dive right in until it ends
But don’t stay too long or you’ll get the bends


White Tip Avenue and the Turtle Patch,
The Coral Garden – There is no match,
Soft coral, hard coral and the sea whips too,
Tropical fish to amaze you


There’re so many places you may have seen,
The Caribbean Islands, the Coral Seas,
The Barrier Reef and the Maldives too,
But Sipadan Island now that’s something new


Jacques Cousteau and “Calypso” came
“Oh Gee” micro paradise he did acclaim,
Divers in silver up and down the reef
Cameras clicking there was no relief


Well…..Sad to say you’re leaving tomorrow,
Sipadan Island will be far away,
I know that when you leave her shore,
There’ll be memories in your heart forever more


Even the catfish in Paradise can sing the Sipadan song!!!!

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