Friday, October 20, 2006

20th October 2006

20th October 2006

weather: sunny and windy
sea condition: a little bit choppy vis: 5 - 15 m

guides: Jimmy, Allan, Lee, Alex

It was windy for the last 2 days, which is a good thing because it kind of clears away the haze thas has been here for the last 2 weeks. But the visibility has not been good due to the wind that stirred up the sediments in the water.

Yet, Jimmy and Allan's group saw big school of barracuda, big grey reefs, jack fish, dogtooth tuna, jack fish, turtles and white tips. No leopard shark today. And for macros, we saw ring eye jawfish, nudibranch, crab eye goby, giant frogfish, baby painted frogfish, black ray shrimp goby, peacock mantis shrimp, squat lobster, ray shrimp goby, cuttlefish, baby stonefish, ghost pipefish, and baby angelfish.

Mauricio Handler's underwater photography workshop is finished today, most of his participants has gone back to US today. Here's a few pictures of the group and some underwater pictures given to us by the group members. Enjoy!

Mauricio Handler's workshop participants:

Standing: Brad, Arch, Kathy, Sean, Everly

Sitting: Susan, Stephen, Jay, Julia, Ethel, Mauricio

"The toys..."

Just another one of their camera

Brad Easton

Everly DudasMauricio HandlerGeri's "So adorable turtle"

School of batfish

Brad's close up of yellow spotted pipefish

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