Monday, October 30, 2006

Photo Week 2006 - Special Announcement

Dear folks, with kind consideration to what we have been doing for the coverage for the Photo Week has suddenly dawn on us that we may have not been uploading enough pictures for the viewing pleasures of all our Paradise-Logger out there, where ever you may be, be it in Japan, US, Italy, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, Hong Kong, Taiwan .....well, you guys know where you are.....

As a token of appreciation to everyone out there that has been checking back on Paradise Log even when you are back to where you come from and back to work, here, we upload more pictures that has been taken by participants of the Photo Week 2006. They will be uploaded in four sections, according to a very broad classification of what kind of pictures that were taken. The four categories are:

1) Wide Wonder - Wide angle pictures that represents the animal in a majestic way that leaves us awe in wonder....

2) Macro Fest - Well, what else can we say? Mabul is a great place for macro. And the participants are all crazy with macro subjects! It's a fest!!

3) Know Your Subject Know Your Friend - There are a considerable amount of pictures taken with a diver as a background to enhance the story behind the images taken, be it the divemasters or the buddies. We are land creature, yet we have an insatiable curiosity to see the underwater world, hence we dive! Yet, we constantly kept in mind that we are in the water to see those underwater creatures at their everyday lives, not to cause disturbance to them. 'Respect' is the word!

4) When I'm Not Diving - Diving holidays will always include nice scenery, nice beaches, nice resorts, nice indigenous people etc. Hence, this special segment is a special tribute to the natural environment that we have here in Mabul and the villagers that live here.

Seems interesting? Please read the next four entries that will be posted each day and at the end of it all will be the winning pictures of the Photo Week.

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