Saturday, October 28, 2006

Photo Week 2006 Update - 3rd and 4th day

The diving schedule were as usual for Day 3 and Day 4, with 2 boat dives and 1 boat dive in the afternoon. And of course, there are people who will skip one of the boat dive to do a self-dive in either Paradise 1 or Paradise 2. They just love Paradise 1 and Paradise 2, they love the snake eel, ornate ghostpipefish, fingered dragonet, robust ghostpipe fish, and the most exciting addition to Paradise now is the baby fingered dragonet, measuring less than 1cm in length, absolutely gorgeous!!!

Baby Fingered Dragonet

There were critique session at 1pm in the afternoon as usual with the photo pros. In this critique sessions, the photo pros will look at photos taken by participants and give comments on the picture on the lighting of the picture, the composition of the picture, the selection of subjects, etc.
There were 2 seminars in the evening of Day 3 by Maurico and Clay. And on the evening of Day 4 there was a critique session with Joe Wysocki.

By now participants started to submit images for competition. There are 4 categories for the competition: Best Use of Light, Best Behaviour, Best Topside and Best Representation of Sipadan Water Village.
Janet Czapski's little combtooth blennyJanet Czapski's honeycomb moray Janet Czapski's octopus in a bottleMauricio Handler's green turtle with Julia Handler at the back Mauricio Handler's pair of ornate ghostpipe fish
Mauricio Handler's many host gobyMauricio Handler's snake eel, again with Julia as her model

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