Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Photo Week 2006 Update - 1st Day and 2nd Day

After the orientation dive and ceremony yesterday, participants are ready today for the real stuff! All participants are divided into 6 groups with rotating photo pros among these boats so that all participants can be able to dive with the photo pros each day.

Mauricio helping Janet with her camera
Clay and Andy helping Marsha with her video

There will be 2 boat dives as usual in the morning followed by a seminar by one of the photo pros in the afternoon to share the knowledge and techniques of underwater photography. Then participants will go on their third boat dives at 2pm. Another seminar will be held at 6pm every evening. Then participants will have their dinner at 7.30pm. After dinner participants can have more discussion sessions with the pros to share with them what have they encountered from their diving, to ask them questions about their cameras and videos or even to ask for critiques from the photo pros of the images they have taken.

Divemaster Allan is having difficulty finding his divers because everybody were busy fussing with their cameras and videos

Janet chatting away happily with Geri after the dive with Jeff smiling happily admiring his pictures....

Participants staying back after evening seminar to ask more questions to the pros

More discussion after dinner

There was a special optional mangrove dive for participants this afternoon. A total of 12 participants signed up for the mangrove dives with Jimmy and Allan.

Mangrove namelist

Jimmy briefing the participants for the mangrove dive

On the second day of the Photo Week 2006, it's Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration (Islamic New Year). In honour of the celebration, the first boat dive was scheduled at 10am in order for the Muslim staff here to go to the mosque in the morning for their morning prayer. Some of the divemasters helped out in the kitchen and restaurant to let other staff go to mosque to pray.

Su helping out at the restaurant preparing sweet!!

There were 2 boat dives in the afternoon instead of one. Followed by another seminar in the evening.

Dive boat coming back from diving

Barbara Laidlaw bringing her camera after the dive with Divemaster Bobby at the background

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