Thursday, August 06, 2009

Pictures Of Final Day of 12th MMD & 3rd MMW!!!

On the night of 24th July talks & movie about conservation of marine environment was held at SWV field!!

Shen, Eva & Lynette!!

Marine environment conservation talks by WWF Malaysia!!

This program was awareness education to Mabul villagers & tourists!!

English, Malay & Bajau Languages speech was communicate in this program for all!!

Nasmawati of WWF Malaysia!!

Nina Ho of WWF Malaysia!!
Big Special Thanks to Nina for success & hard working on this 3rd MMW!!

Sen of Scubazoo present a video conservation awareness program for all!!

25th July was Corals Transplant for all Malaysian Divers at SWV Dive Center!!

Mr Ong with wet suit already just this week 3 times transplanted corals!!
Good work!! Thank you!!
2 big diver group from Kuala Lumpur!!

This was Seadragon Divers group lead by Lynette Yee!!
Thank you for attend this marine conservation program!!

2nd group from Global Scuba lead by Lesly Goh!!
Thank you for every year supported this event!!

Big Thank You to Mr Ong Chong Lin (with wet suit) for attend this one week conservation program and every year come to participated too!!

After done registration & they off to transplant corals!!

It time for flying plate game!!

Ops! Too high!!

Catch this!!

It's easy!!

OK ready to jump catch!!

Oh No! Too high!!

Helloooo too far!!

I got it...oh No!!

Group photo of the participants on Baby Corals transplanted!!

Yeah! We did it!! Terima Kasih!!

On the night of 25th July was closing ceremony of 3rd MMW!!

Uncle Chang leading his staffs together for singing Sipadan Song!!

On this closing night where culture dances & singing from the band to entertain everyone in Mabul Island!!

Here are the VIP stand where Semporna District Official was Guest of Honour for the closing!!

Here are the 2 MC spoken in English & Malay Language!!

Culture Dance perform by Mabul 's villagers!!

Closing speech by Semporna District Official Mr A.M. Ibnu Hj A.K. Baba!!

This night attracted a large crowd from villagers & tourists!!

Big Special Thank you from bottom of our heart to En. A.M IBNU HJ A.K BABA. Semporna District Official for successfully achieved this events together!!
Terima Kasih Tuan!!

SWV Staffs perform Bajau Culture Dance!!

Singing by Uncle Chang's staff & the band!!

Bajau Dance perform by Uncle Chang's staffs!!

Bajau Culture Dance perform by Mabul School kids!!

1 Malaysian Dance perform by Mabul Kids!!

Bajau Traditional Solo Dance perform by Nasmawati of WWF Malaysia!!

Big Thank you to Nasmawati of WWF for arranging & training the School kid & Mabul Kid of the performance & education program!!

The night continues with more modern dance & sings till midnight!!
What's a party!!
Thank you for ALL to make this happen all week!!
More cleanness & Baby Corals transplanted!!
For those who miss this can join next year!!
"Cleanness environment is all to responsibility for help Tourism growth more bigger"

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