Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hey guys!! Our apologies to all Paradise Loggers out there for the absence from our side.

Today's entry is hoped to be able to compensate for the absence from us. Cause we can assure you today's entry will blow you guys away!!!

Before we go to the part where we
blow you away!!!, let us do some recaps of what's been happening recently at the dive center. The visibility currently has been amazing after a period of bad visibility that we experienced for the last 2-3 weeks before. But that hasn't rendered divers from all around the corners of the globe to come here to dive with us.

13th April is the Songkran festival (Thai New Year), known commonly as the "Water Festival". And we had 70 divers from Thailand celebrated their new year here with us at SWV.
sawatdee bee mai!!!!

People celebrating "Water Festival" in Thai by dousing water to all passersby

Everyone is having a blast!!

Okay guys, now for the big news!! Yesterday's diving was superb! Excellent visibility at Sipadan and Mabul!! But that's not all just yet, the best thing that happened yesterday was the sighting of a baby whale shark when Ron's and Lee's boats were on the way to Sipadan!!

Overhead shot of the baby whale shark by Samuel Lam

The sea was super calm and flat yesterday, so flat that Ron could see the whale shark on the surface even when the boat was moving. Then the divers jumped in with their snorkels to chase the whale shark, and Lee's boat was alerted when the boat got close to Ron's boat. All divers from the 2 boats managed to see and swim with the whale shark for a good 10 minutes.

The baby whale shark was very playful and comfortable being close to people. It got very very close to us all!! So close that some of us have to fin away from the whale shark to avoid touching it.

Glad to say that none of us touched the whale shark. For all of you out there, if you happen to have the pleasure to snorkel or dive with a whale shark, please don't touch it!

Whale sharks have a natural protective layer on their skins to protect the whale shark from any infections and diseases. If we touch it, we may brush away the protective layer on the skin, making the whale shark susceptible to diseases, thus decreasing their chances of survival. So please, don't touch whale sharks and any marine animals!! Please respect the marine animal!!

Other than that, we have 2 new creatures that we would like to introduce to all Paradise Loggers out there. Some of you may have seen the 2 new creatures that we are going to introduce here, but I think most of you may have never seen these two new cute and adorable creatures below. Ok now.....presenting to you guys.........drum rolls pls~~~...........

Mr Froggie!!!


Little Crappy!!!!

Cute right? They are actually toys made specially to swim underwater and mind you guys, they swim very well underwater! Especially Mr Froggie. If anyone are interested in seeing these two cute creatures, you can request it to your divemasters!!!

p/s: The above 2 pictures were taken by this handsome guy from Thailaand, Wang