Friday, August 31, 2007

What We Can See There? Si Amil Island

I am coming back with some photo of Si Amil dive. We don't have many underwater picture to show u. We will work more harder in the future to bring more picture and more fun to u all. Come and join us. Enjoy diving with us!

One of the side view in Si Amil Island. Nice what?

Nap time? Diving can make people tire! Believe it or not? See....this is the prove!

U can see nice coral in Si Amil Island also! Not only in Sipadan Island....Believe me...! For those macro lover, u will feel like dun want to go back.....wanna try?

Wow...!This picture is very nice, right? Even i am quite pity with the fish that been eaten. But what can i do? It is one of the natural food chain. Dive master here also been trained to be fish watching guide. We will do our best for u!

Heron Ardeadoris nudibranch (Ardeadoris egretta)

Giant Frogfish (Antennarius commersonii)

Pygmy Seahorse

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What We Do Other Than Just Diving in Si Amil Island?

Hi....everybody....Miss me or not? Sorry for being late updating the blog. I am having problem with the wireless here, so i cannot complete my mission. Forgive me.....! As i promised u before, this time i am going to show u about Si Amil Island dive. If u wanna try picnic dive, then just sign up for Si Amil dive. Actually, we try to promote this island as a diving site as well as honeymoon picnic site. Ok... Then, i will tell u what we normally do...!

Yeah...what a wonderful day...! Let's go diving! Chiao!Chiao!

The two island which is Si Amil Island and Denawan Island

Good view with a coconut tree as a symbol for this island.

Wow...!How about this? Very romantic right? Just try to imagine ....walk or kiss with someone u love .....he he!

Surface interval at the beach....!

Fishing competition? Winner will get 2 pieces of tissue paper....go go your best!

Before BBQ

After BBQ. Look like over cook....hehehe... Still can eat?! How is it ? Good? Delicious?

Coconut stall at Si Amil Island? but a bit expensive....hehehe....

Coconut not enough? Don't worry! We have one creature called "human monkey". See "its" can get coconut for u.

Cheers....! For Italian group...Chiao....!

After lunch, we have performance from dive master. Actually we are well trained for circus. Watch carefully....And....

See! Clap your hand....Don't be shy to say good.....!we know that...hehehe

Naughty boy playing around? Just to make time pass....cannot sleep what...what can do? Play loh!
Who is this? As i know,Sipadan Water Village Resort don't have old man dive master....We didn't accept over age dive master...hahaha...

What is this? Ha Ha Ha....Mouse! Made by Carlo. Made in Italy?

I think i am going to end here. Hope u all enjoy! See ya!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Congratulation...! Carlo's 400 dives

Hello everybody....Today i only have this picture for u. I will come back with Si Amil dive's photo. Anyway, congratulation to Carlo for reached his 400 dives. Chiao....! See ya....

Monday, August 27, 2007

27 AUGUST 2007

Weather :
Rainy and cloudy (Sun come out late in the afternoon)

Water Temperature:
27 Celsius and below with depth

very bad! Less than 8meter from surface to 15meter, and more better at deep site.

Dive Master:
Alex, Jimmy, Allan, Bobby, Ron, Jay and Froilan

Good evening everybody.... Jay is coming again!
Our sun is lazy for a few day. We are facing cloudy and rainy weather. Maybe our earth is getting sick already. Global warming maybe is the main issue that we should concentrate. Since these few year, weather keep changing. As one of the "freeloader" in this earth, we should keep our earth clean and healthy. Save our earth and do not forget our oceans. Everybody please shout together with Jay : " Earth, I Love U !"

Mandarin Fish (Synchiropus splendidus)

Is't Mandarin Fish cute? Wanna see them? Hahaha... come here and we show you! Dun miss it!

(Hypselodoris bullockii)

This is the common nudibranch that we can see them a lot in Mabul and Kapalai.

Giant Frogfish (Antennarius commersonii)

Giant Frogfish :" What u looking for? Never see beautiful lady !hem.. leave me alone!"

Have u see circus underwater? Very interesting! U must see it once in ur life. This guy is walked on very thin rope without falling down. "Sugoi ne...Yeah ! Yeah!" "Children, dun do this at home!"

As u can see here, divers sometime get bored after their dive. They tend to do anything include......see see see...i not yet finish my word already have sample for u to see. haha...kidding.!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

26 AUGUST 2007

WEATHER : Cloudy and rainy day
VISIBILITY : About 15 meter
WATER TEMPERATURE : 27 Celsius (deep site more cool)
DIVE MASTER : Bobby, Ron, Jimmy, Allan, Richard, Jay

Hi....i am coming back again with some information and photos. Today Bobby's group saw hammerhead shark....How lucky are they..???... Chiao....They are Italian. Good Luck for the next day Sipadan dive. Try your luck !!!! not show your back side here! Who is this? do not like that.... is me! the written word is Japanese word kanji (1) mean : one you dive is no more ashore, put your soul inside. (2) mean : nice to meet you or work together.

Bumphead parrotfish in "Lubang" entry point when we just entered Barracuda Point. School of them, but my guest only get this one very clear.

hahaha....actually this picture is taking from Mabul. Sorry for mixing up with Sipadan dive. So as you can see, you still can see big school of fish in Mabul.

These two picture are took from Barracuda Point. We manage to meet them but the current is quite strong. We become "Superman" haha....!

School of Jack fish move from Turtle Cavern to Barracuda Point. So, we manage to see school of Jack, school of barracuda, school of batfish and school of bumphead parrotfish. Wonderful dive...! Yeah...Yeah...!

Ah.....time to go...see ya... Good night...Chiao...Mata ne

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Small creatures in Mabul and Kapalai

Whip Coral Crab (Xenocarcinus tuberculatus)

Special thank to Isaka Yoko for share this picture with us. Whip coral crab is a special crab that can be observed on whip corals.

Chromodoris magnifinica

Haha..... this picture is taking lah.....must be Jay. That why the quality is not so good...Dun complain....i have no professional training.... hehehe... Anything i like this picture because its tell me.... "i can stand". see ya....wait ya...mata ne.....

Friday, August 24, 2007

Semporna Dive....Paradise of Macro

We went to Semporna for diving (Jay, Alex, (2 professional photographer : Stephen Wong and Takako Uno) and our heavy repeater Eiko san. Semporna dive is very good for macro. Mainly for gobies and nudibranchs. Sometime also can see seahorse. Here we want to thank Takako Uno for share some picture to us. Some gobies and nudibranchs's name cannot be found in the book. Maybe our references not so update and hope you all can assist us for these.

unidentified species

unidentified species

unidentified species

unidentified species

unidentified species

unidentified species


Yongeichthys criniger (Shadow goby)

Myersina-lachneri (Black spear shrimp goby)

Oxymetopon compressus (Robust ribbon goby)


Hope u all enjoy these photo and I will try my best to bring more photos and information for you all....Bye....Chiao....