Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What's A Smart Fish!!!

Bluefin Trevally Hunting!!!

It's rain this morning!!!

This morning we had arrived 2 Passenger boats with new Snorkellers & few Divers!!

Early morning has the rain shower!!

After the rain stop is busy time for snokelling & kayaking!!

The rain here flew over fast & after will be cloudy or sunny!!

Allister with his just certify OW students, Melisah, Yvonne, Alicia & Wong!!
Congratulation guys!! YOU done it!! Thanks to Allister!!

Morning, Ramil dive brief to 3 divers & after was check dive!!

In the afternoon weather was cloudy!!

This month June we had more snorkellers than Divers!!

Today we got 2 group for Dive Sipadan!!

No many would like to skip for diving Sipadan!!

This picture show how happy they are for Sipadan trip!!

This afternoon got 2 divers for check dive!!

Dive center arranged 2 boats for snorkelling in afternoon!!

This group was lucky that go snorkelling at Sipadan!!

Bobby, Mr & Mrs Mah, Stephane & Toru san dive at MABUL!!

Today at PARADISE the underwater visibility was just great - superb clear!!

This big group will go snorkelling at Kapalai!!

Welcome back Pei Leen & thank you for bring Lina as her dive buddy!!
Ramil will guide them for Dive Paradise!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's New Moon!!!

Dive center was not that busy but have 3 group of Divers!!

Today sea condition was better then yesterday!!

The weather was still hot Hot HOT!! RON shower the flood & BCD with WATER!!

To COOL down best to jump in the sea!!

We got 2 group of snorkellers!!

Look how busy everyone trying out equipments!!

Jimmy dive brief & check dive to 3 guests this afternoon!!

Today weather fine & hope tomorrow too but it just start the new moon!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Is Monday!!!

After the weekend, good rest and today start work....
But in Dive Center everyday is DIVE!!
This morning weather was fine but sea condition start choppy and poor visibility on surface!!

Aquatastic Dive Shop, Allister here with his group for Open water course!!

Soon these new divers name will be add in to PADI website!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Breaking News!!!

"Look who's here!!" Ex-staff Lee Tiow Aun come over from Backpackers lodge to visit us!!

Look at Ron, Allan & Bobby show off their half naked body!!
Abigail also show off her strengthening muscles!!
"Common guys please lah"

"Happy Father Day!!!"

Rip & Tally Miller from Austin, Texas
"Glad that both of you have enjoyed stay in SWV"
"See you again, Take care & Happy Father Day"
This was Froi group diving at MABUL!!
"Have Fun & Enjoy the Dive"

Here are MAS group, Wong, Ahmah & Hanafiah with Dive Guide Richard!!

This was Japanese MAMA san group of snorkeller with Dive Crew!!

This afternoon we got lot of guest departure HOME!!

Sorry for those who not been taken any picture of this trip!!

This our SWV trade mark goodbye party!!

Today weather was extreme HOT HOT HOT!!

Sea condition good & still thermocline underwater!!

"Bye Bye Goodbye Bye Bye!!"

"Have safety journey & See you again"

Wish all father today "Happy Father Day!!" from SWV Resort!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's Weekend!!!

Today weather was fine, sea condition good but thermocline underwater!!

This was group photo with Dive Guide Bobby for Dive Sipadan!!

Partime PADI Instructor, Roslan teaching Nick & Georgia for PADI Junior Open Water!!

Dive Guide RON brief of SWV General Dive Policy System to guest!!

We are not that busy in diving.........

........but was busy for snorkelling!!

Have a good rest weekend & Happy Father Day!!