Thursday, November 27, 2008

Boat Dive procedure in SWV!!!

Base on our experience still got divers doesn't really familiar boat dive procedures. Here below some tips that useful help for any boat trip!! 1)Remember don't ever swim at the back of engines because it need to reverse or move out when close to shore or shallow reef. 2)Can wait buddy at surface either side of the boat, till when descend can clearly see each other underwater. 3)When underwater heard engine sound coming immediately stop ascend and wait till sound gone then ascend to surface. 4)Don't rinse mask or others things when boat is on speeding. 5)If had seasick please inform early before boat dive. 6)Each small dive boat need to be balance well!! Here below some pictures to guide of boat dive!! Remember dive when your condition is fit or been train for!!

Be careful to get on & off the boat, watch the step and be sure hand over things to boatman before step in or out!!

Place dive gears under the seat!! Check BCD & REGs and make sure tank AIR is FULL!!!
Air full in between 180 to 200bar/2800 to 3000psi!!

Dive guide will do final reminder for everyone before boat engines start!!
SWV House Rules if forget somethings after boat move will penalty of 3 Beers!!

Dive guide & boatman will help gear up or set up!! If got back problem please do inform early!! Is easy to set up BCD on surface!!

Only those who strong enough carry please come forward!! But don't put on the fins before BCD!!!

The best entry for boat dive is Back Roll!!
BCD half inflated and NOT Full!! If full can rebound once entry water and cause head hit back the boat!!

One hand hold on to mask & REG and another hand protect head!!

Make sure SPG or other hose aren't snagged or hooked on something!!

Wait till Dive guide or Boatman signal OK then roll gently into water!! Be sure clear the entry to allow other to dive in!!

Giant Stride Entry only when sea condition is calm!! Best entry without fins in any sea condition but be sure hold on to its and put its on when in water!!

After surfacing inflate BCD till float comfortably, signal OK and wait for boat pick up!!! Don't swim to the boat unless is near!!! Always carry a dive inflatable signal tube and underwater light in case of rough sea!!

Please allow Dive guide to come out 1st so that can give helping hand together with boatman!! Only been well trained can come up with fins!!

The boat left side always has the rope to hold on!! One hand hold on the rope and other hand work remove dive equipments such as weight belt, underwater camera or fin!! Don't remove both hand if BCD still on and fins already off!! Suface got current and it can cause drowning!!

After remove fins please wait for turn on the ladder!! Don't wait below the ladder while other climbing up!!

If fit enough than carry up BCD with tank! If NOT just remove it and Dive guide or boatman can easy carry up!! If bad sea condition Dive guide will last to exits water!!

SWV boatman always help with anyone climb up on ladder while Dive guide help to remove BCD & tank to place on tank hole!!

Once on boat place back own dive equipments, hold on to own camera, please be seated while boat moving, don't block the boatman view, if feel cold sit in front under the SUN when sea condition calm, if got back bone problem seat at the back and lastly always bring a jacket to keep warm after dive!!
Greats!! Now let's go Boat Dive!!!

WAS November 2008 busy month??!!

Lesly Goh's group (Global Scuba KL) and Dive guide Allan at Siamil Island!!
Dive guide Rika san briefing to Mikomoto Hammers dive shop!!

See how divers pay full attention on dive brief!!

Dive guide Ron brief & draw on white board before dive!!

Dive guide Richard briefing to Shiina san group Tokyo Diver dive shop!!

Dive Manager Jimmy briefing on boat to Hiromi san group!!!

See how busy was and the only KL Jason Lim group wasn't in picture!! Sorry!!

Haromi san group IRASSHAI MASE!!!

Shiina san group IRASSHAI MASE!!

Welcome back again Abe san with his new group together Abigial!!


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Steve Ando Winner of Best of Show!!!

Steve, Alex and Pro Marty!!!

Images below was all Steve's Best collection taken in Mabul!!

Why he was chosen the Best?? Just watch the images and enjoy it!!

Congratulation Steve!! Well done and keep up the good work!!

Again Thank you of all your images above for SWV!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Images by Pro Marty Snyderman!!!

Images below was all the best of Pro Marty taken during Photo Week!!!

Snake Eel yawning and was attached by two Hairy Shrimps!!