Thursday, November 29, 2007

What Happen Recently?

Sorry about the failure to update our blog frequently. I always try my best to make it when the line getting better. Most of you must be very keen to know what happen here and what we have seen recently.

As your information, now is December. The water here getting a bit cold. Last year and before we have saw devil ray almost everyday during January to February. Anyway, these kind of stuff we are unable to promise you.

These past few day and a week ago, we have saw many stuff. Manta ray, hammerhead shark and devil ray.

Yesterday, one group have play with devil ray at Sipadan Island for almost 25minute. The devil ray not so shy and we get to get closer to it. Let see the photo!

Devil ray.......Wow!

Jack fish.....

Friday, November 23, 2007

Sorry For Waiting! Bad New and Sad New!

Sorry for all our guest...! We haven meet for long time. I cannot update the blog because of the internet problem here. Hope you all don't get angry...hehehe...

I have kept this picture for few week already, but i just can upload it now.

The sad news I want to share with you is.....these orange pygmy already gone. Some bad dive guide have move the seafan to other place. They want to make as theirs. Very bad. As a dive master or instructor, they even don't know how to respect marine life. They should be band to be dive guide.

We promise we will find more fish to show you all.