Monday, February 19, 2007

Ciao! Italiano!

Ciao! A group of Italiano been diving with SWV Resort
for about 1 week. Most of them are experienced Instructor and Dive guide, also one of them is Course Director PADI - Alberto Rota.Hope they have a wonderful time diving in Sipadan and Mabul. Buona cella!
Jokes for Giorgertti : Hammerhead sharks always waiting for you come back to Sipadan!
Ron promise bring you to see Scuoallo Martello when next time you come!
A picture of Luigi and Leopardo dancing underwater in Sipadan....

Happy Velentine ! 3 sweet couples celebrated a romantic Valentine in Mabul.

Buzzi Luigi and Papis Liciana, Del Re Walter and Baggi Seremt,

Giorgetti Alberto and Mangili Giovanna

Ciao! See you next time! we look forward to see you again here!

Zantedeschi Deigo, Caselli Laura, Gandola Aurelio, Heard Sarah,

Pavan Deigo, Binda Daniela, Rota Alberto, Nenzi Sara,

Rota Natalie, Maglio Ettore

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Congratulation to all divers celebrated memorial dives in SWV Resort!! Ometedoo gozaimasu!!

Yeah! 1000 Dives! All the dive centre staffs with Kozaki Akira and Kozaki Utako.

The drawing is 99.9% similar with thier face.(K. Akira and K. Utako san)

All the Dive master with Shoko (150 dives), Akira, Utako and Nina too (1000 dives).

Shoko san and Bobby san. Gambate ne! next time celebrate your 200 dives here.

Japan dive shop group - Sea Ponit in SWV Resort.

Iwamatsu Ayako ---- 100 dives.

Saravut Jhatigate from Thailand celebrated his 350 dives.

Okoshi Ikumi --- 200 dives.

Wah!! Sugoii ne! 500 dives.

Kurahashi Hideaki , we hope to see you here when you hit your 1000 dives!

Waooh! More and more coming....Tada Akiko (500 dives),

Nakahara Masanori (50 dives),

Shimoda Kazunori (800 dives),

Isu Harumi (90 dives)

& Hirano Toshimi (120 dives).

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dive Master Daily Work

Welcome back!! Greeting from the Dive Team: Wish you all have a prosperous Chinese New Year! And Happy Valentine!

Dive master daily job to arrange diving schedule.(Bobby san)

Yeah! Chocolate give you strength and energy...emhh oishii yo!! size related too. (Allan san)

Cheers! Gambai! one glass not enough...needs more water on day time, beer on night time. (Jimmy san)

This pangit face or boring face you can see after 3 boat dives.....(Lee san)

ScubaZoo Sam also one of the member here. Always hanging around when she is free.

Even on surface also looking to sea, can't wait to jump down again. (Ron san)

Sometimes also jump to the sea with guest.....tanoshii kata!! (Jay, Shoko & Alex)

Before entry dive, please listen carefully to the briefing. (Nina san)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

SWV Dive Team Japan Trip - Part 2

Okailinasai! Welcome back to the second part of the Japan trip update. As promised, for this part of the report, we will share with you our second part of the Japan trip.

Immediately after the Diving Festival, we left Tokyo Big Sight and were on our way to our next destination, Atami! We spent a night there before we head to Izu Peninsular on the next morning.

In bullet train (shinkansen) to Atami (Hot Sea)

All staff in traiditional Japanese costume (yukata) for the big dinner!!!

The dive shop that we were diving with in Izu was Sea Front / Hatsushima Dive Center. And the part of Izu that went for the diving was Hatsushima.

Group picture with staff of Sea Front in front of their shop in Atami

Briefing by guides from Sea Front

Hatsushima view from the ferry

From left: Nina, Lee, Jimmy and Jay in dry suits

Underwater group photo with guides from Hatsushima Dive Center

Discussion with guides after the dive

It has been a really great and rewarding experience for us all from SWV to be able to dive in Japanese water during the winter season. It was very much different from what we have around here. Although it was our first experience with dry suit, but all the things that we saw underwater made us forgot all about the cold water and the bulky dry suit. We saw seahorse, Japan Pikachu nudibranch (mating), many other types of nudibranch that we never seen here, baby cat shark still wrapped in egg, frogfish, a very big grouper (hatta) and many other interesting things.

The staff at Sea Front was very helpful not only in terms of sharing the information on the dives that we had with them, but also other useful information on the Japanese diving culture and system. Many many thanks to them!!!

Domo arigatou kozaimasu!!!!

After all has been done, we get to have one day off to go around Tokyo for sightseeing, yay!!! We managed to visit Asakusa, Tokyo Tower, Ginza, Akihabara and Tokyo Disneyland. They are all very nice and awesome!! We enjoyed all these places very much!!

Tokyo sightseeing guides: Tsuyako, Asako and Yuki. Thank you all for your hospitality!

Gominori-mon of Asakusa Temple

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Disneyland!! Place where fantasy comes true!

It's Mickey!!! Kawaii!!!


This trip to Japan has been very exciting and rewarding for all of us who went there, Jimmy, Jay, Lee, Nina and Dickson (Administration staff of SWV). We gathered a lot of useful information during our one week stay there. Hope we could use all these knowledge that we got there to communicate and to serve all of you who dive with us in SWV!! Onegai ishimasu! And of course Japan has been very fun for sightseeing too! Errm.....maybe except for Jimmy....Why??!! See the picture below.......hehehehe.......

Jya....matta neh!! Cheers!!

Dive Team

Monday, February 05, 2007

Members of the Dive Team visited Japan for the 2007 Japan Diving Festival - Part 1

Hello there everyone!! Konnichiwa!! Genki?
4 members of the dive team (Jimmy, Jay, Nina and Lee) were in Japan last week from 26th January until 1st February 2007 to attend the Japan Diving Festival 2007.
Arrival at Narita airport on 26th morning. Very cold!!! Zero degree Celcius !!! Samuii!!!

Venue for Diving Festival 2007

JISCO booth

We met with a lot of guests from SWV especially those that have been coming here for many times. Thank you everyone for coming to visit out agent (JISCO Travel) booth and for those who knew that we were coming who brought pictures and gifts for us!! Domo arigatou kozaimasu!!! Ureshii!!!

Thank you again everyone for being there!! We appreciate very much for all your support for SWV!!! Manggo gumi (mango candy) for you as a token of appreciation for your support.....

On the evening of 27th January (2nd day of Diving Festival), JISCO organized a dinner party for repeater guests of JISCO as appreciation for all the support and as a chance for the staff of JISCO and SWV to meet up and chit chat! It feels like a big family gathering in Japan!!

Arrival to the dinner party. Staff of SWV wears 'batik' shirt, a traditional formal shirt for functions in Malaysia


Bingo game!!

Some of the winners of the Bingo games

That's it for the first part of our trip to Japan covering the events during the Diving Festival 2007, we will put in pictures for the 2nd part of our trip in Japan that was after the Diving Festival,where we tried out Japanese style winter season diving in Izu Peninsular and also, of course, our holiday in Japan after all work is done !! Jya, matta neh!!

Osukare sama desuta!!!!